Corrugation Gum

Corrugation Gum Powder is made from raw starch or cooked starch. The Mixer of starch with cold water and caustic solution prepare the gum. Some catalysts are added to increase the strength of boxes.

Fine, Dry & Off White cream color Powder. It is based on best Quality of Starch specially treated and formulated by various additives. It Forms Solution when Mixed With Water


Cold Water Gum Corrugated Boxes



Product Corrugation Powder
Solubility Cold Water
Starch Base Tapioca
Water Mix Ratio 1:5 (By volume)
Solid % 16.6
pH 9
Viscocity 20-21 sec



  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • High strength film property
  • Best tackyness
  • Wide range of water solubility
  • Fast drying property
  • With best bursting strength and compressed bags

* Available in 50 Kgs plastic lined HDPE woven bags.